Age: early 20's
Likes: books, answers, pirates
Dislikes: swimming, being alone, this whole being dead thing
A regular girl whose whole city was destroyed by some guy she liked.
She died and now everything is more confusing.
Cause of death: Shot
Dog AU: Australian Cattle Dog

Age: He forgot
Likes: old music, empty spaces, being alone
Dislikes: birds, loud noises, lots of attention
A chainsmoker who doesn't seem to care about much.
Cause of death: ???
Dog AU: Irish Setter

Age: Over 400
Likes: plants, children, her family
Dislikes: Ahrima, idiots, cold weather
A witch who lives in all forests.
She specializes in plant based remedies and intimidating others.
Can also communicate with ghosts.

Age: Who knows
Likes: Lions, bugs, kid toys, clothes
Dislikes: ???
Who is this guy and what is his deal??
Dog AU: Airdale Terrier

Age: N/A
Likes: bad puns, birds, being mean
Dislikes: Life, Time
Can transform his body into anything, mostly birds.
Often traps those who have died in his realm of Limbo and make them run errands, instead of letting them pass on.
Has no actual gender.

Age: She doesn't have enough fingers to count that high
Likes: birds, people, exploring
Dislikes: loneliness, hunger, fear
A little girl with wings who resides in Death's realm.
Cause of death: ???

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